IOER Conference 2024

Space & Transformation: Living in Harmony with Nature

25 to 27 September 2024 at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Germany


Five formats are available for proposing your own contributions. These can be developed individually or as a team with your collaborators and allow for a variety of interaction forms at the conference:


Papers intended for publication in a scientific journal can be explained in a detailed presentation of 20 min.. In addition to the contributions from several speakers this format allows for in-depth discussions with the audience.

Abstracts must be submitted: maximum 300 words

Speed Talk

New project ideas, research approaches or other impulses can be presented very concisely in a short presentation of 9 minutes. The emphasis of this format is on engaging the audience, mutual inspiration and joint discussions.

Abstracts must be submitted: maximum 300 words

Summer School (for PhD students only)

Doctoral research projects can be introduced by PhD students from all disciplines in a presentation of 15 minutes in the Summer School of the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS) on 25 September 2024. This format offers plenty of space for feedback, discussion and dialogue with experienced scientists and other PhD students, as well as a training workshop with James Evans (Keynote Speaker).

Abstracts (in English only) must be submitted : maximum 300 words

Dialogue Sessions

Sessions of 60 minutes duration can be proposed in which the focus is entirely on communication and interaction. The content and methodology of these sessions can be freely chosen by the proposing session organiser and must be described in the submission. Priority will be given to highly co-creative formats - standard presentations will not be accepted here. Dialogue sessions are also suitable for the involvement of practitioners and may therefore be held in German, if desired.

Concepts for 60-minute sessions must be submitted: maximum 500 words

Poster Party

Scientific posters can be exhibited in the Centre for Building Culture Saxony (Zentrum für Baukultur Sachsen/ZfBK) in Dresden’s Kulturpalast (downtown) for the entire duration of the event from 25-27 September. At a poster party on the evening of 26 September participants will have a chance to give a short presentation and enjoy viewing all other posters. There will also be music, catering and drinks.

Abstracts must be submitted: maximum 300 words

Publication options

All accepted papers will be evaluated with regard to their suitability for publication in peer-reviewed journals and grouped according to research topic. For these contributions, the conference team will work with the session organisers to develop options for joint publication (e.g. Special Issue, Thematic Collection).

Authors interested in such publication options should indicate this by ticking the corresponding box when submitting their abstracts.

Online contributions can be requested but given the character of the conference their acceptance will be limited to a maximum of 10% of the total programme time; preconditions: unavailability of travel funds or low carbon connections; disproportionate travel efforts and costs. Online contributions will be clustered in one separate online session.